Regnum Carya is a golf hotel which builded on a huge area at Belek/Antalya. is one of few hotels which has magneficent nature beauty.All bride & Grooms would want to marry here because of here is a really special hotel with Beach with blue flag ,

Weltmarke Hotels In Antalya

world wide known golf area and magneficent ballrooms ... G20 2015 Summit prepared at Regnum carya Hotel. They still keep country flags at flag staffs in front of villas. Each villa keeps flags of which country Presidents had accommodation at there. Hotel guest know hotel regnum carya deserved G20 2015 Summit.

Regnum Carya HotelCarya hotel always deserve 10 out of ten with their otoman and wolrd cusines and Professional service team.
Regnum Carya Hotel is one of our important partner hotels with their green area seems like oil painted and with their magneficent ballrooms .
We proudly suggest to all wedding gorups this wonderfull hotel for their marriages. It is a privilege to marry at this little paradise hotel where the naute and mediterranean meets.
Presidents from whole around the world confirmed this hotel as a world’s leading brand.

Regnum Carya Hotel Hochzeit Hotel
Hochzeit in der Türkei
Hochzeit in Antalya
formale Hochzeit in der Turkei
symbolische Hochzeit der antalya
Hochzeit am Strand in der antalya